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Plant Health Systems

Plant Diagnostic Assessments

Opportunities to Improve Plant Performance

Lee Gilman & Associates, LLC provides a powerful interdisciplinary approach considering both the plant and the ecosystem in which it is found. By first prioritizing opportunities to optimize a site’s fulfillment of plant growth requirements, innate potential can be maximized. By next recommending a prioritized range of integrated pest management techniques, we can see where synergies exist and develop a prognosis. When we relate these potentialities to our client’s goals and resources, an action threshold and service level offering the best value for efficient management becomes clear.

  1. Insects
  2. Disease
  3. Nematodes
  4. Soil Fertility
  5. Water Management
    • Irrigation Plan & Usage Review
    • Moisture Measurement With Tensiometers
    • Optimization Recommendations
      • Dosage
        1. Frequency
        2. Duration
        3. Flow Rate
      • Surface Penetration
        1. Wetting Agents
        2. Aeration
  6. Other Cultural Deficiencies
  7. Plant Health Assessments
  8. Laboratory Analysis of Plant, Pest & Soil Samples
    • Soil Fertility
    • Testing
      • pH
      • Macronutrients
      • Secondary Nutrients
      • Micronutrients
      • Organic Matter
      • Cation Exchange Capacity (nutrient retention capacity)
      • Cation Saturation
      • Sodium & Total Soluble Salts
      • Bulk Density Analysis
    • Root Feeding Nematode Analysis
    • Foliar Nutrient Analysis
    • Chemical Residue Screening


Job Planning & Supervision

Professional Contract Oversight & Management

Professional results provide durable value and avoid foreseeable pitfalls. We are goals-based plant advocates who can help ensure your desired outcomes by combining the wisdom in national standards and best management practices with customized specifications and compliant execution.

  1. Bid Specification Development
  2. Compliance Oversight
  3. Specialized Services Provided
    • Soil Fertility & Testing
    • Prescription-Based Soil Management
      • pH Modification
      • Nutrient Balancing
      • Mycorrhizal Fungi Colonization
    • Supersonic Air Services
      • Trunk Flare & Root Collar Excavations
      • Plant Depth Corrections
      • Girdling Root Treatments
      • Soil Decompaction
      • Soil Structural Improvement
      • Root Investigations & Locating
      • Pre-Construction Root Pruning
      • Construction Damage Remediation
      • Trenching Root Zones with Root Protection
      • Utility Installation & Locating
      • Infrastructure Protection
      • Dig Planting Holes
      • Bare Root Transplanting
    • Fine Structural & Ornamental Pruning
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Vegetation Surveys

Understanding Your Assets

Knowledge about significant plants in your landscape supports sound decision-making and the development of a management plan. We can catalog items such as: species, size, location, condition, value, health concerns, maintenance priorities, and quantified risk. Inventory results may be reported, plotted, managed with specialized software systems and even integrated with GPS/GIS mapping layers. Maintenance efficiencies improve with better planning and tracking.

  1. Homebuyers Reports
  2. Tree Inventories
    • Reporting
    • Software Systems
    • Mapping
    • GPS/GIS Data


Quantified Tree Risk Assessment

Due Diligence

Increasingly accurate methodologies are available to assess and quantify tree risks. Minimum standards dictate a property owner’s duty of common prudence to inspect and discover possible defects in landscape and urban trees. Advanced techniques may achieve cutting-edge risk reductions. Either way, you reduce exposure to negligence claims.

  1. Structural Evaluation
  2. Site Evaluation
  3. Risk Mitigation Planning


Tree Management Plans

Helping Trees Achieve Their Potential

The genetic potential of most trees to outlive us is compromised when they are taken out of the forest and put in our built environments. Understanding and managing these compromises allows for optimal decision-making, predictable results and efficient use of resources. Inattentiveness often results in reactive efforts, limited potential and triage.

  1. Planning, Design & Development
  2. Planting Specifications
  3. Tree Protection Specifications / Construction Damage Mitigation Plans w/ Cost Analysis
    • Plan Development
    • Establish Traffic Patterns & Staging Areas
    • Long-Term Goal Assessment
    • Preconstruction Root Pruning
    • Tree Protection Barrier Installation
    • Soil Protection Systems
    • Site Monitoring/Communication
    • Fill-Soil/Root Aeration Systems
    • Tree Well & Retaining Walls
  4. Damage Remediation Programs


Arboricultural Education:

Customized Trainings, Seminars, and Lectures
(Continuous Learning Available)

Let us know your interests and we will connect you with professional instruction and written guidance. Our customized course development can help build the core competencies of your audience and keep your efforts focused. We undergo continuous training and research in plant health care technologies so you don’t have to.

  1. Conference Events
  2. In-house Corporate Trainings
  3. Certified Arborist Preparatory Course
  4. Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator Preparatory Course



Business Consulting & Support Services

Forensic & Litigation Support

Insightful Intelligence For Informed Decision Making

Bringing the highest levels of technical and business skills to bear will help you achieve optimal outcomes in what are often difficult situations.

  1. Appraisal – Tree & Landscape Valuation
  2. Local Planning - Regulatory Compliance & Approvals
  3. Insurance Reports
  4. Personal Injury Claims
  5. Boundary Disputes
  6. Expert Witness
  7. Forensic Investigations
  8. Objective Litigation Advice
  9. Disaster Mitigation


Assistance with Market Entry or Expansion of Technical Service Offerings

High Value & High Margin PHC Market Opportunities

Effective implementation of specialized technical services leverages your existing business structure to improve both client value and profitability of operations. Benefit from efficient productivity systems honed by leading industry giants and small innovators alike to achieve more with lower overhead.

  1. Pest Management Programs (IPM & PHC)
    • Insect
    • Disease
    • Weedy Vegetation
  2. Correcting Cultural Deficiencies
  3. Soil Fertility
  4. Tree Support Systems
  5. Lightning Protection Systems


Regulatory Compliance & Business Operational Audits

Strengths, Opportunities & Risks Snapshot)

Seeing how your operational processes stack up against best management practices (BMPs) help to identify the most significant ways to improve professionalism, become more competitive and reduce business risk.

  1. Best management practices (BMPs); the tools and systems to successfully compete.
    • Increase productivity
    • Improved safety
    • Get an edge on the competition
  2. Department of Labor
    • Qualified workers
    • OSHA
      • Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP)
      • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
      • Documented trainings and job briefings
      • Hazard Communications Standard
  3. Department of Environmental Protection
    • Federal Insecticide, Fungicide & Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)
  4. Department of Agriculture
    • Pesticide licensing and permits
    • Worker Protection Standard
    • Pesticide storage
  5. Department of Transportation
    • Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV)
      • Daily inspection
      • Annual inspection
    • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
    • Driver files
      • Background checks
    • Truck files
  6. New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
    • Shoreland Protection Act
  7. Local Ordinances
  8. American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
    1. Safety standard – Tree care industry, ANSI Z133.1
    2. Performance standard – Tree care industry, ANSI A300 Parts 1 – 7
    3. Performance standard – Nursery industry, ANSI Z60.


Organizational Control Systems

Managerial Intelligence

Tax-based accounting systems and canned reports provide limited value to informed management decision making. Elective accounting systems provide additional benefits, if matched to the value of their use.

  1. Identify profitable service types
  2. Identify unprofitable service types
  3. Objectify Hidden & Opportunity Costs
  4. Accurate Job Costing (When Warranted)


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